Ti Maria

Per Ti Maria –

Music is simply just part of me. I can always hear music going in my brain. If my mind seems to be wandering when you are talking to me, well… I’m probably focusing on that musical phrase running through my mind.

I was in children’s choirs very early on and started learning instruments at age 8. Violin, then oboe, piano, and a smattering of guitar.

Performance started about that time as well.

All through secondary school I studied in choir, band orchestra.

Then in college my focus shifted to vocal performance and music theory. Since they wouldn’t allow “Electives” in music, I also studied art. Painting. Design. Composition.

My hobby apart from music and art is GARDENING!

I have performed SOMEWHERE my entire adult life. But now I have released my personal music for you to hear as well. In recent years I have been very busy taking care of family members. That has receded somewhat, and I am now going to start coming where you are to perform near you!

My core driving force is my faith. My relationship with the Creator. And my belief in the Love and Words that come from Him.

Influences – Roberta Flack, Damaris Carbaugh, Barbara Streisand, Donna Summer, Karen Carpenter, Celine Dion, Gladys Knight, Jaci Velasquez. Now you know EXACTLY how old I am!

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