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“Fear of Falling”

“Fear of Falling” is a playlist of songs that stir our hearts to remember that we are LOVED. That there are dreams and hopes to stretch and strive for. That no matter what our fears or hunger we can find answers … if we seek them.


“Songs for the Heart”

Playlist of songs by Ti Maria that speak directly to your heart, stir the emotions, remind us of better times, and how much we are loved!

Songs to warm your heart and encourage you!


Brighter Days! – Playlist

Songs to encourage you, uplift you and build your faith! Beautiful scenery will lift your heart along with the lyrics on the screen!

Song with lyrics that will build your faith, and lift your spirits! Songs that remind us how good life is and how much we are loved! That trusting Jesus we will find a way through, a way of joy and contentment!


The Whole Collection!

Playlist of Songs by Ti Maria to celebrate happiness, joy, faith, love and hope! Old standards, Pop, Gospel, Hymns, Advent and Anthems!

Music by Vocal Artist – Ti Maria! Ti Maria’s music is available on all major streaming services!

Ti Maria strives to encourage and uplift you in your daily journey! She sings vintage pop, some jazz standards, old time gospel and holiday music.

Ti Maria’s voice demonstrates her formal training from childhood and her lifetime of musical interpretation!

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True beauty is ageless! These songs never grow hold. They grab our hearts everytime we hear them. But isn’t that what music is supposed to do? POP, Folk, Standards. Hours of simple enjoyment and rich sounds. Calming. Soothing. Uplifting.